SharePoint Online service updates

From late October until the end of 2011 Microsoft is rolling out a service update across the world to SharePoint Online.
If you’re an Office 365 administrator you would have received the email explaining what was in the update, but for those who aren’t here is a table of what to expect:

Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
*Enterprise plans only
Enables connecting to external systems via web service based
External Sharing: Windows LiveID support
Allows Office 365 tenant administrators to invite external
users to a site collection. They sign in with a Windows Live ID-based user
name and password.
Windows Phone 7 “Mango” (official support and
http:// connectivity)
Windows Phone 7.5, codenamed “Mango,” now enables both small
business and enterprise Office 365 customers to access SharePoint Online
lists and document libraries from their Windows Phone.
Recycle Bin: deleted site self-recovery
Self-service ability to recover sites from a site collection’s
recycle bin
Browser support: Internet Explorer 9
Adds official support for the Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)
Browser support: Chrome
Adds official support for the Chrome browser

iOS5 brings editing to Office 365 on the iPad

I never intended to purchase an iPad – I couldn’t really see the point. It’s bigger than a smartphone and nowhere near as functional as a laptop.
My actual laptop is a Lenovo X201 Tablet – so I almost get the best of both worlds.
However it wasn’t hard to see the trend in both business and consumer worlds with the rise of the iPad, so I forced myself to purchase on.
While it gave me most of the functionality that was required for using Office 365 on a daily basis – I simply couldn’t edit files under Office Web Apps as the on-screen keyboard wouldn’t work.

The release of iOS5 resolved that issue and brought a few more features along that work well with Office 365.
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