Getting out is just as easy as getting in to Office 365

There’s a lot of tools that can help you migrate IN to Office 365.
It would make sense those same tools can get you back OUT.

Office 365 is built on industry leading platforms that have been around for quite some time – so the data formats and utilities available can definitely be used for both importing and exporting of your data.
No cloud lock-in – period.

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Office 365 is tough on passwords – deal with it

Strong passwords are good for everyone, in fact I think we as a technical society should be adopting passphrases and biometric security measures.
Security is a big deal – we should welcome it, not object to it!

Here’s a bit more information about what the passwords in Office 365 are about, and why they are a good thing:

(Please bear in mind to keep the previous comment about seccurity in context – while I do appreciate the need for airport security I don’t appreciate being “randomly” picked for manual searches/scan every 9 in 10 times I get on a plane.)