A year in review

Today I turned 34.
Some people think I’m old (like my 14 year old sister-in-law), some would think I’m young (like many of my customers and peers).
The age however is irrelevant. What is amazing is the year I’ve just had.

From a professional standpoint it’s been quite a ride in terms of accomplishments both for myself and my companies:
– Paradyne was a finalist for Online Services in the Microsoft Australia Partner Awards 2011
– Office 365 was released, propelling Paradyne forward into the hearts and minds of more customers
– Paradyne sold & deployed both the first commercial and educational customers of Office 365 in Australia
– The Cloud Mouth was born
– Xstran was launched, hitting the ground running with a variety of great tools & utilities for Lync and Office 365
– My first book was published (it went live the day before my birthday)
– Was re-awared MVP status for the 2nd year
– Presented in several sessions at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2011
– Was referred to in a variety of sessions and presentations at the Microsoft Australian Partner Conference 2011

Last year my wife presented me with a Xbox & Kinect bundle for my birthday which has provided me many hours of entertainment.
However the most amazing thing to occur in the past year was the birth of our first child – Chloe Morgan Strant. While she’s only been in my life for 3 weeks she has changed my perspective on everything. The things I have accomplished over the past year pale in comparison to the amazing job my wife did of bringing a health baby into this world.
I look forward to what the next year will bring, both professionally and most of all with my new family.