Integrating Windows 8 and Office 365 – my top 4

Windows 8 is an amazing operating system. Combining elements of tablet and desktop interfaces Microsoft has created a powerful (albeit slightly confusing) operating system.
Before dismissing this piece as another of the many Windows 8 reviews / trumpet blowing / trash talking pieces – let me clarify: this post is about what Microsoft can do to ensure that Windows 8 is the best platform on which to use Office 365.
Sure Microsoft wants to ensure that its customers can use Office 365 services on any device, but the preference is for them to use a Windows device.

So what do I think we need to see in Windows 8?
– a full screen Metro-based Lync app
– Office file type readers (eg. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, etc.)
– Native offline access for SharePoint
– SharePoint social integration into the People Hub

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Exchange Online Kiosk licenses get upgraded

An internal email (but safe to share) at Microsoft has explained a few improvements to the Exchange Online Kiosk license that will be rolled out over the next few months.

In short:

  • Supports ActiveSync for mobile devices (but not tablets yet)
  • Email upgrade from 500MB to 1GB
  • Ability to add on Exchange Online Archive

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