Going offline with SharePoint Online

During the battles for how much functionality vendors can deliver online (or in the Cloud) sometimes people forget how important it is to access content offline.
Unfortunately Internet connectivity is not absolutely everywhere. While it is certainly approaching a point of everywhereability (yes, I’m coining a new word for being able to do whatever you want online from wherever you are), there’s still a lot of times and reasons users will go offline and need their content.

My latest piece in BoxFreeIT talks about using Outlook and SharePoint Workspace to go offline with SharePoine Online.

Don’t you… forget about My Site!

Being a user of SharePoint since it was a version 1 release I’ve been quite excited by the My Site functionality in SharePoint Server 2010.

When people talk about the storage in SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 most people forget to mention that each user (on one of the Enterprise plans) gets a 500MB My Site for storing files (as well as the fantastic social features).

You can read more about this in my latest write-up on BoxFreeIT: http://www.boxfreeit.com.au/Productivity/private-storage-and-news-feeds-with-office-365s-my-site.html