Organisation-wide teams in Microsoft Teams: what and how

Will organisation-wide teams in Microsoft Teams be one of the final nails in Yammer’s coffin? Maybe, maybe not.

The answer is: “it depends”. There are some reasons why you would choose one over the other. Some are technical limitations or features, others are around being fit for purpose.

In my latest piece for AvePoint I explain what organisation-wide teams are in Microsoft Teams, look at how to best manage these, and whether you should ditch Yammer or not.

Work from Home Warriors interview: Anthony & Emma Rees

In the latest episode of Work from Home Warriors, I interview Anthony & Emma Rees – a married couple that work from home, but in different roles and for different companies.

What I found fascinating in this interview was the mixture of topics around how they share the home office space, manage scheduling around their daughter, and travel commitments.

Tune in for this extended, 2-for-1 interview: