Migrate Lync contacts between profiles and users

A couple of months back I wanted to move our Lync services from a hosted provider that we were not happy with, back to Lync Online under Office 365.
While this was a relatively simple task the challenge for me was to preserve my contact list as I have over 200 contacts on there, split up into multiple groups.

The only methods available to export or import contacts is to use either a Visual Basic script which connects directly to the SQL database behind Lync or via PowerShell cmdlets. Unfortunately neither of these would help me getting my contacts IN to Lync Online.

I also was running a pilot project for Microsoft Australia which involved deploying Lync for doctors in rural areas of Australia – and we wanted to pre-populate each of their contact lists with all of the pilot participants. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this with Lync Online as again – no access to the SQL server or ability to run PowerShell.

So I had a tool built that could achieve both functions – the Lync Contact Migrator.

As far as I know it’s the only tool of it’s kind that supports Lync Online and performs the various functions including multiple account support, groups, and template creation. And especially at such a low price.

Let me know your thoughts and if you’d like to see any additional features in the future.

P.S. Yes – this was a plug for my own product. 🙂


  1. Problem with the Vytru Contact Manager, is that they still think that there is RTC database (not instance) in Lync 2013 Enterprise pool installation lol, they are sooo naive XD and they really don’t understand why there is no RTC, and why there is rtcab which is now “rtc” dbase for lync 2013 ( so nice program, so bad it’s not working.

    1. Same problem with the Egypt Network tool. The Xstran tool works directly with the client so we don’t have this issue.

  2. The Lync Contract Migrator web page states that it works with Office Communicator 2007. Is it compatible with Office Communicator 2010 as well? Also, is it compatible with Windows 8.1?


    1. It works with 8.1, but there is no such product as Office Communicator 2010 – that would be Lync (which it does work with).

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