What as a Service? The overuse & death of an acronym.

Recently I’ve written a few articles about the (over)use of the term “cloud” and potential damage that may do to high quality mainstream cloud service.
At the same time the partial acronym “aaS” is also starting to be applied liberally.

In my latest article for Dynamic Business I explain the differences between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS and how they all interrelate.

Moving away from these market-accepted terms I’m seeing the “as a Service” tag applied to a few other things such as:
– Back-end as a Service (BaaS)
– Backups as a Service (BaaS again)
– Database as a Service (DaaS)

Will we start to see an overuse of the “aaS” suffix much the same as “cloud” is being attached to everything in IT? Will we start to see non-IT industries start to adapt it for other purposes? The redundancy will start to appear in certain segments where they already provide a service but simply utilise the tag, such as:
– Cleaning as a Service (CaaS)
– Outsourcing as a Service (OaaS)
– Marketing as a Service (MaaS)
– Catering as a Service (CaaS)
– Accounting as a Service (AaaS)

And some silly ones I thought of:
– Internet as a Service
– Hosting as a Service
– Receptionists as a Service
– Dog-walking as a Service
– Baby-sitting as a Service
– Blogging as a Service
– Comedians as a Service
– Waiters as a Service

Can you think of any good ones (serious and otherwise)? Feel free to suggestion your own via the comments.

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