Resources for Flexible Working

I noticed some time ago on the Microsoft UK site that a few posts appeared about working from home.

The one that got my attention was Working from home: Spending more time with the people you love. The leapt out at me as I work from home and spend the days in the company of my wife, my 2 year old daughter, and my dog. At some point in the very near future I’ll be joined by another daughter.

I rely heavily on the tools we advocate for customers – primarily around Office 365 – to keep in touch with my team. While it’s not like sitting in an office, we do spend a great deal of time seeing and hearing each other through the power of Lync.

My drive here is that as employees do we live to work, or work to live? If life/work balance is important (in that order) then have a look at the Work Remotely area on the Microsoft UK site for some good reading.

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