Work from Home Warriors interview with Laurie Pottmeyer

While working from home isn’t a new concept, but in my experience there still seems to be misunderstanding and misrepresentation amongst employers, as well as the team members themselves. What I mean by that, is that most points about team members working from home are understood – yet for many people it hasn’t sunk home.

Many of the thoughts around working from home come from research done by analysts, or absorbed from articles and thought leadership pieces. It’s quite common for people in the technology industry and roles to work from home, however outside of this it is less so.

To help show the human side of this, I’m starting an ongoing series of interviews of Work from Home Warriors – both with people that work from home, as well as the employers that support them.

My first interview is with Laurie Pottmeyer who works in the Microsoft Teams team, but is physically is a long way away from her peers.

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