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With an ever-increasing feature set in Microsoft 365, it gets harder and harder for us to keep up to date and to filter through everything to find what is actually useful to us.

When we do want to learn about something, often we have to wade through countless videos – many of which include people babbling on (I might have been guilty of that myself a few times).

For this reason, my fellow Microsoft MVP (and wife) Megan Strant and I have created a new series on YouTube called “M365 Boosts” with the intent of creating very short & sharp videos that explain lesser known, but very valuable features.

The videos are targeted at being less than two minutes long, which makes them easy to absorb in our increasingly busy working day.

We have a number of videos up already, with many more to come.

Check out the playlist here, and make sure you subscribe as we intend to publish several new M365 Boosts each week.

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