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Microsoft Teams has a lot of very tight integrations with Power Platform. So tight in fact, that several apps in Microsoft Teams appear to be unique – but are in fact just Power Apps or Power Automate in disguise.

Despite working exclusively with Microsoft 365 and its previous incarnations for over a decade now, my foray into the world of Power Platform has been relatively recent. I’ve dabbled with elements over the years, but in the past 9 months have become an absolute addicted to it.

The reality is however, that Microsoft Teams is making Power Platform considerably more accessible for end users – more so than by going direct. And this is because within Microsoft Teams the use of Power Platform is more targeted and therefore context-driven, whereas starting with a blank canvas directly can be daunting and difficult for newcomers.

In my latest piece for AvePoint, The Incredible Perks of Microsoft Teams & Power Platform Integration, I talk about how these platforms integrate, where they do it well, where they don’t do it well, and also share some realities about how “new” these apps features actually are.

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