A no-nonsense, forthright technology-guru, Loryan Strant is an independent consultant who brings over 25 years of IT experience to his clients. With the goal of helping people work better together through technology, Loryan opens his clients’ eyes to things they have never thought of before. Whether it’s an IT professional hoping to acquire knowledge around the business and human side of technology, or an end-user aiming to gain growth on product technology and governance – Loryan offers the ability to answer any question asked with deep, technological knowledge and thorough, practical examples.

A pioneer in the technology industry, Loryan’s love for tech and what it can do for him and for others truly shines through his work as not only a consultant, but also an author, webcaster, blogger, and public speaker. Loryan’s desire is to coach his clients into technological self-sufficiency. By teaching them the skills they need to become aware of their technology needs and to properly execute a solution, Loryan gives his clients the unequivocal confidence to truly change their technology ways.

Through passion, knowledge, experience and memory, Loryan prides himself on his ability to pick up on his clients’ style and language context so that they may learn in a way that works best for them. A pragmatic, honest, no bull**** kind of guy, the 13 year-running Microsoft MVP takes his clients by the collar and gently guides them through Microsoft 365.

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