My 2c on why there will not be a lightweight version of Microsoft Teams

Since the preview of Microsoft Teams, a number of people (myself included) have wanted a ‘lite’ version of the Microsoft Teams desktop client. Something that was effectively similar to the current Skype for Business experience, without all the other actual¬†team bits.

The logic behind the ask is so that ultimately, organisations can switch to using the Microsoft Teams client faster – without having to prepare for or use the rest of what Microsoft Teams offers.

In a blog I wrote for AvePoint, I look at why this ‘lite’ client will probably never see the light of day.

Moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams – an important consideration

In my latest guest post for AvePoint, I talk about how moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams means so much more than just replacing the client software and ensuring that voice communications continue.

Microsoft Teams is a gateway to a lot of services that users may not have previously had access to, and this needs a different level of consideration – especially around governance, lifecycle management, and content management.

In this piece I also talk about why I believe this upgrade is happening; whether you want to or not.

Read on at the AvePoint blog site.