Me + Neurodiversity

While I have only been diagnosed late in life and am by no means an expert on the topic – the journey, experiences, knowledge of both myself and my wife have been shared with others.

This page contains links to various interviews, articles, conversations on the topic of ADHD and Autism.

While most of the content on this page only refers to me being ADHD, I am actually also Autistic – however this was not diagnosed until two years after my ADHD diagnosis.

My journey with ADHD

(first blog post about my diagnosis)

Office Insider Spotlight: Megan and Loryan Strant

(written & video interview by the Microsoft Office Insider team)

How ADD Impacts Life in Tech and What We Learnt from Each Other

(write-up of a joint workshop at Microsoft Ignite 2019)

Productivity Tips & Tricks for the Age of Digital Overload

(our presentation at Microsoft Ignite 2021)

Productivity for Humans series: Meet the Strant Family – Microsoft Community Hub

(video interview by the Microsoft Humans of IT team)

How to be productive with ADHD

(written interview by the Microsoft To Do team)

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