Work from Home Warriors – interview with Angus Florance

In my latest Work from Home Warriors interview I left my desk and visited the home (well, almost) of Angus Florance – Head of Yammer Product Marketing at Yammer.

Luckily Angus lives a short drive from my home, so made for a great few points of conversation around why he doesn’t work from the Microsoft office in Melbourne, and how we works so far from his team – who are in another country.

Death to StaffHub, long live Shifts in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft StaffHub has barely turned 2, and already it is being replaced. Well, kind of. StaffHub is being retired as a standalone app and is beginning life anew as Shifts in Microsoft Teams.

In a nutshell it offers the same functionality as StaffHub did before, but now provides a more integrated experience by having one less app to switch between and use.

You can read more in my latest blog for AvePoint: Empowering Your Employees: Everything You Need to Know About Shifts in Microsoft Teams

And you can also catch fellow MVP Alistair Pugin and myself talking about it in the latest episode of 365 Unplugged: