Microsoft Teams Post COVID – Stories in premature implementation

Last week I had the double privilege of co-presenting again with my wife Megan Strant at TeamsFest.

Combining our experiences over the past 6 or so months, we shared the experiences of a number of organisations that we had been directly or indirectly involved with, covering what went wrong with their deployments and what was done to course-correct.

You can catch the recording of our session here:

Webcast with Hyperfish about Adoption vs. Change Management

I had a chat on Facebook Live with Jeremy Thake of Hyperfish about Adoption vs. Change Management and what this means in the world of Office 365. We talked about strategies organisations need to think about, the importance of every human being in the organisation and where to look at strategic wins vs. tactical wins. There’s a bit of discussion about Yammer and Teams, Groups and Teams, SharePoint and Teams, and Teams. 🙂

We also talk about hero stories that use several Office 365 technologies together, and how these can be used to drive adoption of those products – but by focusing on the end user, not the technology.

Watch the video below:


Or you can listen to the podcast version on the Hyperfish Soundcloud page: