Work from Home Warriors

Work from Home Warriors is a video series that showcases the human, technology and organisational aspects of working from home.

It features interviews of people who work from home and how they make it work, as well as those behind the organisations that support and nurture staff who choose to work that way. Also included will be reviews and informational segments about technologies available, home office setups and the components required.

Want to get involved?

I’m looking to interview the following types of people and topics:

  • HR / People & Culture managers
  • Legal and policy specialists around the area of home safety requirements and obligations
  • Physiotherapists and occupational health professionals
  • Workplace psychologists
  • Team leaders whose staff work remotely
  • People who work remotely from their team
  • CIOs to talk about the technologies they use to foster secure collaboration

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Non-monetary sponsorship and product review opportunities exist for individual or multiple episodes. Get in contact if you are interested.

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