BPOS Tools site launched

A new website called BPOS Tools has been launched aimed at providing BPOS partners and customers with tools to improve their Microsoft Online Services experience.
A variety of software is currently available that ranges from file migration, monitoring, user management & maintenance, as well as end user usability functionality.
A couple of the key solutions that are beneficial to almost every full BPOS solution are:
– Password synchronisation
– Turning document libraries into email-enabled document libraries
– Migrating file systems to SharePoint Online
– Exchange Online monitoring (above and beyond the Microsoft Online Services Health Dashboard)

Have a look! More products and SharePoint web parts and templates coming soon.

Emails with missing bodies during migration

An interesting quirk we have seen while migrating customers across to Exchange Online – results in an email with no body being received by the recipient.
The customer situation:
– domain is added and validated to Exchange Online
– Type is set to ‘Authoritative’
– Inbound is not yet enabled
– customer has user accounts set up in Exchange Online, but is not yet using them

If anyone outside the organisation is using Exchange Online as well, they will find that when sending an the said customer – the body of the message disappears.

We find this to occur when we (using Exchange Online) send emails to customers when we are performing staged migrations.
If you’re trying to send an email to the customer, a workaround can be to attach your original email as an item to a new email to the customer – as attachments still come through.

Hopefully if you’ve seen these emails without bodies – it’s not a ghost but a common issue. 🙂