Service Requests possible / not-possible with BPOS

Standard Change Requests

A Standard Change Request is one that does not require approval. A Service Request can be submitted and will be acted upon without requiring further approval or escalation.

BPOS (Suite)

Change Windows Live ID Associated with BPOS Subscription

Exchange Online

Enable Exchange Online journaling
Enable external (server-side) mail forwarding
Enable POP connectivity
Reconnect disconnected mailbox
Enable multi-tenant BES service
Add/Remove/Reset Blackberry device
Wipe Blackberry device
Add or modify standard BES policy
Add custom footer or disclaimer to outbound emails
Increase conference room mailbox size
Convert universal distribution list (DG) to universal security group (SG)
Grant “Send-As” Permissions
Hide Specific Distribution Lists and/or Contacts
Customize Active Sync Policy (Enforce PIN)
Disable ActiveSync


Deploy x-header to bypass FOPE/BPOS spam quarantine
Add or modify FOPE policy
Grant limited access to FOSE Admin Center

Microsoft Online Platform

Populate companyname attribute
Increase AD sync object limit
Set password to never expire

SharePoint Online

Recover deleted SharePoint site collection


Non-Standard Change Requests

A Non-Standard Change Request will require some type of escalation and approval. Generally, approval will be based on:

* 500 seats purchased
* OR a late stage Comphot Case
* OR Siebel Stage 60% or higher

If a customer does not meet these criteria, or if the requested change is not in the Non-Standard Change Request list there will be an escalation process (TBD).

BPOS Technical Product Management (TPM) and Service Management meet twice weekly (currently Tuesday and Thursday) to triage all change requests.

BPOS (Suite)

Manual Domain Verification (Without creating CNAMEs) VERY COSTLY – EASE OF USE IS NOT A JUSTIFICATION

Exchange Online

Add or modify custom BES policy
Disable Outlook Web Access (OWA)
Retention Policies
Enable IMAP connectivity


Request FOPE report

SharePoint Online

Offboard SharePoint Online data


Change Requests Currently Not Allowed

These requests are frequently asked and currently not allowed..

Grant full access to FOSE Admin Center

Request audit log detail

Using version control in SharePoint Online

Brett Hill contributed a post to the Microsoft Online Services Team blog this week about a key functional of SharePoint Online (and SharePoint in general): version control!
A very simple to follow walk-through about how to use version control and start using SharePoint to it’s fullest:
For more useful information like that, click on our Downloads & Help page and look under the Application Help section.