Who’s looking at your LinkedIn profile?

If you’re a business networker (or really anyone with a job these days) then most likely you have a profile on LinkedIn.

Being the professional networker that I am I have a Premium account which lets me see more than meets the eye.

When I view the Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature I’m familiar with seeing things like “management executive in the information technology industry” or “anonymous”.

Today I saw by the far the best of them all, see for yourself.

I’m open to suggestions as to why a person in that industry/country came across my profile, and to see if you can top that. 🙂

A change is coming…

As the bulk of the content on this site for the past few months has been (and will continue to be) relating to Office 365 – inevitably the name of this blog needs to change.
This will be happening over the next month and will include both a site facelift and URL change.
I will make sure that the RSS feed URL continues to work so you don’t lose the flow.

Thanks for your support to date!