Windows 8.1 Preview and DisplayLink drivers

Being one for the bleeding edge I woke up this morning nice and early to begin downloading the preview of Windows 8.1 from TechNet.

The installation took approximately 35 minutes as I was running off an ISO.

While the upgrade itself was very smooth and everything appears to be still installed and working fine – my dual monitors were not showing up.

My current setup uses a Targus docking station as described in my post about the Surface Pro being my desktop device.

Long story short – if you are installing Windows 8.1 Preview and use a docking station or device that utilises DisplayLink technologies then you will need the beta drivers from DisplayLink – available for download here:


  1. A very painless install on my Dell notebook. Trend Micro will not start or re-install and I had to archive messages to update drivers for two devices after updating would not make them go away. All else seems okay. I like the changes to the start screen.

  2. Thanks for sharing Jon.
    After the final reboot Windows kept telling me it needed to reboot for some changes. I got a bit wary after the 4th time with no difference – the beta DisplayLink drivers finished that bit off.
    The joys of Preview software. 🙂

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