Surface Pro 3 as my treadmilltop

Given there are a plethora of product reviews for the Surface Pro 3 and its accessories I thought I’d so something a bit different.

Recently I wrote a blog post about using the Surface Pro 3 as my desktop, which was a refresh of the blog post I did about using the Pro 1 as my desktop when I originally purchased it.

One of the challenges I had with my Pro 1 was stability of the Miracast (aka WiDi) component with my Netgear PTV3000 adapter. With the Pro 3 this has not been an issue so far, and I’ve been able to pump all kinds of media and desktop content wirelessly.

Given how many reviews exist for the Surface Pro 3 and its general use I thought it was high time I showcased the flexibility of the device due to the improvements in hardware and battery life.

Today the challenge was to use it on my treadmill (something that has admittedly been gathering dust for some time).

Thanks to the flexible kickstand I was able to manoeuvre the Surface Pro 3 into a stable position on top of the treadmill controls and have it there for the entire duration of my morning walk.

Granted if I was running I would potentially need to secure the device somehow as the bouncing would easily shake it off otherwise. In my situation however due to several calf muscle tears from a few years ago running is out of the question – so at a comfortably fast walking pace the Surface Pro 3 easily stayed in position.



As you can see the device rests easily over the controls. I left the keyboard attached as it was easier to type in music video selections into YouTube than using the onscreen keyboard.

For inspiration the first video I chose was of OK Go – Here It Goes Again (which thanks to their great choreography on treadmills propelled them to further fame – I’d suggest checking out some of their other clips, they are just as amazing).


So there you have it, the Surface Pro 3 being used outside of the workplace but just as powerful.


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