My first 48 hours with the Microsoft Band

I’ve now been wearing the Microsoft Band and am quite comfortable with it. I find that throughout the day I may make some minute adjustments to the band based on how it feels on my wrist. This is much easier than it was on the Fitbit Flex.

(FYI this post is a follow up to my first 24 hours with the Microsoft Band)

It’s gotten to the point where I don’t really notice that I’m wearing it. Taking it off to shower is slightly annoying as this morning I forgot to put it back on (although only for a couple of minutes).

My two frustrations with the device are:

  • Battery seems to churn through fairly quickly, but that is because it’s paired to my phone almost all the time
  • Notifications on the phone don’t go away when you’ve responded to them on the phone. For example I may have a conversation with someone via SMS and all is done, but on the Microsoft Band it shows that there are still a number of SMS messages received.

That’s pretty much it.

What I love about it so far:

  • Quicker access to my phone features such as calendar, Cortana, emails, etc.
  • When I turn on Sleep mode it shows a starry sky and says “Goodnight” – awwww
  • The sleep data is more detailed than what the Fitbit Flex was able to provide

I expect in the coming weeks we’ll see a number of updates based on relatively consistent feedback from users. I also hope the Windows Phone app gets an update with multiple sized tile as well as actual live tile functionality.

I am thoroughly amazed at how Microsoft launched this with relatively no leaks (much like the Surface), and that their retail campaign was ready to go with in-store fitness displays and giveaways (I managed to score a gym bag, hat, bottle, and fruit drink – I chose to leave the yoga mat & skipping rope as I’m not there yet).

What I am a bit disappointed about is that there is no Twitter account or User Voice site yet. I feel Microsoft could collect a lot of feedback and concentrate their improvement/development efforts based on this.

Overall I’m still as smitten with my Microsoft Band as much as I am with my Surface Pro 3. This is just a case of Microsoft getting things right. While version 1 may not be perfect the important thing will be how quickly they adapt and react – which Microsoft has demonstrated of late they are getting very good at.

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