Paradyne acquired by Generation-e to form productivity powerhouse

The journey to build Paradyne into a leading cloud consultancy over the past 6 years has been one fraught with pleasure and pain.

At a Microsoft event a few months ago the CEO of Generation-e and myself found ourselves finding a lot of common ground as leading Microsoft partners. The conversations evolved to talking about what we could potentially do together, and the difference we could make.

Long story short: Paradyne has been acquired by Generation-e. Between both of us we form quite a powerhouse when it comes to human collaboration and communication.

On a personal level this will help me realise my vision of changing the way people work and communicate with each other, and to help title Work/Life balance to be more of a Life/Work balance.

This would not have been possible without the tremendous effort of the Paradyne team who will probably never fully know how much I appreciate their efforts to build Paradyne into the success it is today. And of course my wife who is not just the woman behind the man, but also a key part of our team and success.

I look forward to making a bigger change to our customers and the people who work within them!

You can read more about the acquisition here.

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  1. Wasn’t expecting to hear this, however it’s good news. Wishing you all the best in your journey. What is going to happen with the blog, continue?

    Also, did you pre-order a 950 or 950xl, or will you be keeping your iPhone?



    1. Outsiders generally don’t hear about deals until they’re done. 🙂
      Thanks for the warm wished Gabi. The blog will definitely continue, I’ll probably just update the look to match new corporate branding soon.
      As for the phone saga – a blog on that coming out now that I have time to write again. In short: iPhone sold, using a 930 with Windows 10 until I see a good holiday special for a 950 XL. The switch back story will be somewhat of a rollercoaster to read. 🙂

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