Presenting at Digital Workplace Conference

Next week the annual Digital Workplace Conference will be hitting Melbourne, my home city. I’ll be presenting a session on Wednesday at 11am on Microsoft Forms (taking a break from Microsoft Teams for an hour or so). If you plan on attending, make sure you check out sessions by my friends and fellow MVPs: Cai Kjaer, Christian Buckley, and Patrick Guimonet.

A special MVP you need to make sure you see in action is Tracy van der Schyff. Why is she special? For many reasons, among which she is a fellow REgarding 365 member, and I will be co-presenting with her at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida later this year. She has a lot of knowledge to share and is delivering two fantastic sessions.

Another person you need to check out is Rebecca Jackson who will be presenting her fantastic “Digital Workplace” building blocks framework.

And last, but certainly not least is Megan Strant. Yes, she shares a surname with me because she’s my wife. And not only do we share a surname, but we’ll also be sharing the stage – something I’m very excited about.

Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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