Outlook and OWA Version and Features

Over on the TechNet Wiki site there is a great comparison chart between Outlook 2003 through to Outlook and OWA 2010. While the acronym for OWA has stayed the same over the years, the definition has changed from “Outlook Web Access” to “Outlook Web App” in 2010. Have a look here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/outlook-and-owa-version-and-features.aspx

How to get more out of SharePoint Online

In speaking to many customers – a lot of them are confused about what SharePoint (and thus SharePoint Online) can do for them. If they have heard of it, a lot of customers believe it is simply a document repository system or just a basic intranet. We have great pleasure in showing them the full…… Continue reading How to get more out of SharePoint Online