Outlook and OWA Version and Features

Over on the TechNet Wiki site there is a great comparison chart between Outlook 2003 through to Outlook and OWA 2010.
While the acronym for OWA has stayed the same over the years, the definition has changed from “Outlook Web Access” to “Outlook Web App” in 2010.
Have a look here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/outlook-and-owa-version-and-features.aspx

Locating & recovering a missing folder in Outlook

If you’ve lost a folder in Outlook that you are sure was there before – don’t panic! Quite possibly it is still there, however is corrupt. This happened to me recently when I folder I knew to exist was no longer visible – but I could still do a search for items that existed in it.
Thanks to Glen Cai in the Microsoft BPOS support team, the fix was as such:
1. Download MFCMAPI from http://mfcmapi.codeplex.com/releases/view/59490
2. Extract the downloaded files and double click MFCMAPI.exe, click OK
3. Click Session->Logon and Display Store Table, select the your Outlook profile, click OK
4. Double-click your mailbox username
5. In the new window, expand to Root->IPM_SUBTREE
6. Check whether you can find the missing folder (eg. “MissingFolder”)
7. If you can find it, double-click to open the folder
8. Back in Outlook, create a new destination folder (eg. “MissingFolder2”)
9. Get back to MFCMAPI, select all the messages, right click, then Copy Message
10. Get back to Root->IPM_SUBTREE->Inbox, double click the new folder “MissingFolder2” to open it
11. Right click , click Paste messages
12. Click OK
13. Go back to Outlook to ensure that the new folder “MissingFolder2” contains the messages
14. After confirming the messages are there, then you can delete the “MissingFolder” folder in MFCMAPI and recreate it in Outlook

Happy hunting!