Case study: Chelgrave Contracting (Windows Intune)

Chelgrave Contracting have been one of the most referenced customers in Australia when it comes to cloud success stories.
When my company Paradyne first took on Chelgrave as a customer in early 2010 we had no idea that a few cloud-based products could make such an impact to one business.

The current Chelgrave case study about BPOS can be found here:
Since then the organisation has been transitioned over to Office 365 but has also deployed Windows Intune – the focus of the latest Microsoft case study.

You can read the about how Paradyne and Windows Intune helped stabilise and protect Chelgrave’s IT systems, as well as improve staff productivity while lowering IT support costs:

Can sex really sell an unsexy product?

Yesterday while looking for a more recent video about Windows Intune I happened to stumble across this gem on YouTube. Yes it’s a long video, but wait until at least 50 seconds when things start to heat up. So the question I put out to you: can sex help sell an unsexy product like Windows Intune? I’m keen to get your feedback below.

FYI: I think Windows Intune is a great product, but definitely not sexy.