Cloud enables people work from anywhere… but is it always good?

This latest post on BoxFreeIT comes from a recent personal experience that I felt I had to share.

The piece is about staff being able to work anywhere any time and how sometimes that can work against employers.
While cloud enables this to occur even easier than before – cloud is not to blame for it. Certainly it’s not a new concept for staff to check personal emails, use printers/copiers/phones or even access remote personal systems while at the office, however now rich cloud productivity suites enable those same people to completely immerse themselves in personal business or side projects.
Again this is not a fault of the technology – but simply comes down to the individual.
In my case it was a case of misplaced trust and faith.

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Get a free Windows Server from Amazon

Amazon announced on the weekend that their Amazon Web Services (AWS) Free Usage Tier now includes Windows Server – allowing customers to run micro instance for upto 750 hours per month without cost.

That announcement blew my mind. Certainly the server will be very limited in resources, but to get access to a Windows Server license + resources without it costing you a cent? That’s just amazing value.
For those who aren’t aware the Free Usage Tier is available for new customers for a year and is a great way to test out AWS without committing to big monthly spends.

You can read more about the announcement at the Amazon AWS site.