Work from Home Warriors – interview with Anna Chu

Recently Microsoft announced that due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, staff at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington should effectively stay home unless they absolutely need to come into the office.

While many Microsoft staff already work from home on a regular basis, this three week virtual quarantine poses a new challenge – prolonged working from home, which can be quite daunting for those who only do it sporadically.

In the latest episode of Work from Home Warriors, I interview Anna Chu who mixes working from the office, from home, and remotely (while travelling for conferences) on her perspectives, her experiences, and what she’s doing to bunker down for the duration.

Work from Home Warriors: interview with Mari Anne Snow

Most of the interviews done for my Work from Home Warriors series have largely been with individuals who work from home, so I thought it was time to shift my attention to the organisational side of things.

In this interview I spoke with Mari Anne Snow, the the CEO of Sophaya – an organisation that works with the individuals behind remote workforces and flexible work arrangements to help coach and develop capabilities & practices; ultimately to help them work better together while apart.