365 Unplugged ep #12: Is Microsoft To-Do the most important app in Office 365?

In this episode, Alistair Pugin & I discuss what’s more important; teamwork or individual productivity, and whether we should put the brakes on Teams to deploy To-Do first.

Initially I was critical of the application as you can read in my first experiences here.

I changed my tune when some more features were released, and since then with profile switching enabled I’m 100% onboard.

Watch here:

5 Microsoft 365 Teamwork Tools for IT Pros

At Microsoft Ignite the Tour in Sydney I presented a session showing a number of tools available in Microsoft 365 and IT pros need to know about.

Having worked with a number of organisations in the past couple of years as an independent consultant there were several that jumped to mind; some old, some relatively new, and some fresh off the production line.

I try to be interactive with the audience during my sessions, and so for each section asked who in the audience had heard about what I was about to show. To my dismay, very few hands went up.

I’ve shared the slides here in the hope it will help some Office 365 admins. To some, this will be preaching to the choir. To others, there are some things here that might not be known.

Unfortunately there’s no narration, however here is my recap:

You can see the whole slide deck here, including recorded demos: