A great guide on switching from Exchange distribution lists to Yammer groups

My fellow Office 365 MVP and friend (and someone with a much more level head than I) has done a great blog post comparing Yammer to Exchange distribution lists and walking you through how to make changes or perform functions to make Yammer work the way you are comfortable with.

As a person who loves to email, and loves distribution lists – I have done exactly these steps within most of the networks on Yammer I belong to. I strongly suggest if you want to stay working with distribution lists the way you do now but are being moved to Yammer – follow this article.


Calendar federation with an Exchange hybrid

I recently co-wrote a post for the MVP blog with Michael Van Horenbeeck about why calendar federation with an Exchange hybrid environment can be tricky.

If you’ don’t know what any of the above means – this article will explain it.

In the piece we cover what federation is, how it works with calendars, the challenge with Exchange hybrid, and what to do about it.


Happy reading!