A more feature rich Office 365 experience coming soon

There’s no doubt that Office 365 presents significant value for money. Historically naysayers have struggled with the concept as they have merely compared Office 365 against their on-premises license equivalent, and in many cases feel that because of their existing investment in infrastructure the operation of their services is “free” (don’t get me started on…… Continue reading A more feature rich Office 365 experience coming soon

Double-releases for Office 365 today

In separate blog posts Microsoft has announced general availability of its new Power BI offering as well as Multi-Factor Authentication for users (including app passwords). You can read more here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/powerbi/archive/2014/02/10/announcing-the-general-availability-of-power-bi-for-office-365.aspx and here: http://blogs.office.com/2014/02/10/multi-factor-authentication-for-office-365/ In one day Office 365 got more secure, and more feature rich!