Meetings in Microsoft Teams – are you changing your behaviours?

Microsoft Teams brings a raft of features that many users may not have previously had access to. Even if people had been using Skype for Business previously, there are still a number of innovations and features that were not available (and will not be available) in that platform.

In my latest piece for AvePoint – “How to Master Modern Meetings in Microsoft Teams”, I talk through some quick tips before, during and after the meeting to get the most of the features in Microsoft Teams. I also talk about how meetings have changed due to technology, but also how we need to change as people to make the most of them.

This piece compliments previous pieces I’ve written about meetings as well as my Office 365 Good Etiquette Guide which breaks them up into smaller topics.


Discussion site for Microsoft Band users

The launch of the Microsoft Band almost 2 months ago came with quite a surprise – it was a rumour one day and then a product available for sale the next. The problem I have found is that the secretive approach perhaps meant that Microsoft was not as in touch with social elements as other product groups and teams are.

Initially Microsoft Band was not even on Twitter, and when it did join it was more posting pictures stories about how the solution could help your life as opposed to interacting with the people who purchased the device. It’s good to see that the Twitter account is now actually having conversations and helping people – but there’s still no place for the general public to communicate with each other, post feedback or suggestions, or share tips.

I’ve decided to set up a Yammer network that is open to everyone to join (although the way Yammer is you have to request an invite once you get to the site):

Please join, share feedback & insights, apps, and anything else relevant to the Microsoft Band.

See you there!