Using an existing OST file on another computer

Quite often we find that an existing Exchange Online user needs to set up their Outlook profile again for various reasons (new computer, changing office locations, etc.). Thanks to the sign on tool this is a no brainer.
The issue however is that we don’t want the user to download their entire mailbox all over again.
The solution? Move their existing OST file to the new computer and configure it for use under the ‘Data Files’ or Cached Mode settings.
For the steps involved – have a look at this Microsoft Office Online help article. While the article is specific to Outlook 2003, it also works for Outlook 2007 and 2010.


    1. No, the OST file is bound to the Exchange server so this method only works if you are setting up a new profile for the same user connecting to the same Exchange server.

      1. Hi,
        How about if we would move our email hosting to another one?
        So it would be the same email address.
        Can we do this method?

      2. I see. So, bound to that exact instance of Exchange Server.
        Any other method you can think of?
        My biggest concern is the sent items. If I don’t have this issue I would simply go to POP3 and migrate.

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