Microsoft PST Capture Tool – what you need to know

There’s a lot of buzz today heralding the arrival of the PST Capture Tool from Microsoft which allows you to locate PST files on your network and import them to an on-premise Exchange Server, or Exchange Online as part of BPOS or Office 365.

While this tool is great people need to understand that this will require some manual work to be done initially – it won’t simply install on a PC and then use native WMI to seek out rogue PST files sitting on users computers. Firstly you need to install a central console, and then an agent on each PC.
The central console will then speak to the agents, find the PST files and place them in a central location – thereby allowing you to import them into Exchange Server or Exchange Online.

This tool requires two key things to work:
– Active Directory
– Outlook 64-bit

So there may be a few small scenarios where this tool can’t be used, such as a customer that has no Active Directory (eg. SMBs with no server infrastructure, organisations with a different identity management system) or more commonly where all PCs run 32-bit operating systems.

For those few scenarios you might find that the MessageOps Office 365 Exchange Migrator (currently in beta) might be a better fit.

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