Connecting a BlackBerry device to Office 365

While the iPhone seems to be coming the accepted norm for business smartphones (you’ve got a long way to go Android) the BlackBerry device still holds strong in the enterprise space due to its advanced management functionality and security.
There are also many small business people who prefer BlackBerry devices for their simplicity and physical keyboards.
Unfortunately there is also a select few who are narrow minded in their choice as they won’t change from a BlackBerry because they don’t like the iPhone – remaining blissfully unaware that any other smartphone may exist (regardless how many times they are informed or shown).

Irrespective of who the type of BlackBerry user you or your users/customers are – some more free things by way of the cloud in that the BES service is now available for free with Office 365 enterprise-level plans. You can be a small business and use BES, however you cannot be on the Small Business and Professional plan (aka “P” SKU).

Over on BoxFreeIT I’ve written up a walk-through on how to connect BlackBerry devices to Office 365.

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