Focus on Functionality: Administering Office 365 from mobile devices

Have you ever been on the road when one of your users calls and says they can’t get into Office 365 – and you need to reset their password?
What about an ex-employee leaving the company on a Friday afternoon and you need to disable their account as per company policy – but you’re already with your family?

These and other situations would usually require access to the Microsoft Online Portal to perform basic user functions.
However with the recent release of the Office 365 Mobile Admin app from Xstran you can perform these and many other functions from the palm of your hand – wherever you are.

At this point the app is only available on Windows Phone, however will soon be available for Android and iPhone.
There’s also a bunch of additional features on the roadmap so watch this space!

Full disclosure: Xstran is my company, and to unlock the full functionality of the app a subscription is required.

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