Testing your Office 365 DNS configuration

Every day I’m configuring…

As part of our daily lives at Paradyne we regularly add new domains to Office 365 and configure customer tenants.
Sometimes we get customers coming to us asking to rescue them after having attempted to set up Office 365 themselves. Recently some customers have been referred to us because the partner they chose to help them as set up Office 365 incorrectly.
The things we’ve seen have included customers that have been told their migration is completed – yet no DNS records have been set up other than the TXT record required for verification. Scary stuff.

So we decided that if we can save these customers from poor migrations by partners the least we could do was create web interface to check DNS configurations for both Exchange Online and Lync Online.
Announcing the www.TestMyOffice365.com site – it’s free to use and will help make sure your domain has been configured correctly to work with Office 365.

Developed by my excellent team at Paradyne and powered by my other company Xstran.



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