Uploading a photo to SharePoint from an iPad

As more and more organisations turn to using SharePoint as their primary system for document management and iPads as mobile information devices – there needs to be a way to marry the two together.
Many of my customers have asked how to add photos taken on iPad tablets to SharePoint Online. Common scenarios include site audits, inspections, handovers, and general documentation purposes.

The first step is to purchase an app known as SharePlus from the App Store (the “Lite” version does not permit file uploads).
(I will assume that you can follow the steps required to add your SharePoint Online site to the app.)

Step 1: Navigate to the relevant site and library where you want to upload the photo

Step 2: Select Add Document

Step 3: Press Select document

Step 4: Select the relevant option (for this demonstration I opted to take a photo of my notebook)

Step 5: Take the photo

Step 6: If happy with the photo, press Use

Step 7: Give your file a name and press Done

Step 8: Press Save to upload it to SharePoint

You will now see the photo displayed within the app browser.

And as well if looking via the web interface.

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