Limitations of Lync Online and Lync Mobile

Using the Lync client on my Nokia Lumia 900 or iPad is a great experience – it’s quick, simple, and gives me most of what I need.

Obviously using a mobile client I’m going to get a reduced experience compared to a full desktop client, but also as an Office 365 user I miss out on the voice component. This is extended out to the mobile client, which means I’m unable to voice call other Lync users or join conferences from my devices.

I did a bit of research into what the limitations were, and why they are.

In this piece on BoxFreeIT I talk about the lack of voice features currently available in Lync Online / Office 365 when compare against Lync Server 2010.
And in this piece I talk about the limitations of the Lync Mobile client specifically.

You can read more about the differences and limitations of the various Lync Mobile versions in this TechNet article.

Also Lync MVP Matt Landis has created his own table comparing Lync mobile solutions side by side.

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