Comparing Exchange Online Archiving to Symantec Enterprise

Recently I wrote a whitepaper at the request of Symantec comparing the Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving functionality against the Symantec Enterprise (aka service.

While Symantec will be releasing this whitepaper through their own channels globally, they have given me permission to list it on my blog for anyone to download – so you can download it now from the Whitepapers section of this site.


Full disclosure: I did receive financial compensation from Symantec to write this whitepaper, however at the outset both I and Symantec wanted this document to be fair and balanced – displaying both the pros and cons of each solution and ultimately allowing the reader to make their own choice.

I welcome any comments or feedback people may have about this whitepaper, and also encourage you to feel free to link to or send it along to anyone else.

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