The branding of Windows Azure Active Directory

one ringIn a recent post I mentioned the ability to access your Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) tenant and see the services connected to it (such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, and Windows Intune).

Slowly we are starting to see Microsoft changing the branding on more and more services to reflect WAAD.

For example where previously the directory synchronisation tool was known as the Microsoft Online Services branding – this is now known as Windows Azure Active Directory synchronisation.

Other examples would be Microsoft knowledgebase articles being revised with updated text to reflect the branding.

While WAAD has been the underpinning identity management solution of Office 365 since it’s launch – this hasn’t been the case for Dynamics CRM Online and Windows Intune the entire time as both now utilise WAAD now instead of Microsoft accounts (formerly known as Live IDs).

This marks the rise to prominence of Windows Azure as a key cloud delivery platform – be it PaaS, IaaS or SaaS offerings from Microsoft and its partners.

Over time I expect to see more services connecting in to WAAD – thereby creating a single identity in the corporate world (something that the Passport/Live ID didn’t fully become in the consumer world), ultimately being one identity to rule them all!

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