Adding domains in bulk to Office 365

At Paradyne, working with customers moving to Office 365 on a regular basis we sometimes find ourselves having to add many domains for some of them.

While PowerShell cmdlets exist to do this, some people are not entirely comfortable with performing this and retrieving inputs from or piping outs to a CSV file.

Under my Xstran brand I had a tool created that is effectively a GUI wrapper around the PowerShell cmdlets and allows you to add many domains to Office 365 at a time, as well as verify them in bulk.

The dropdown box allows you to save multiple tenant credentials:


Multiple lines of text mean you can add multiple domains!


Pick and choose which domain you’re ready to verify now:


This is now available on the Microsoft TechNet Gallery for free download.

While this adds and verifies domains in bulk – you will still need to log into the Office 365 portal to set the domain intent as that can’t be done via PowerShell yet.

Happy domain adding!

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