Posting a document to the *right* Yammer network

Showing the “better together” story of SharePoint and Yammer is the ability to start a Yammer conversation in an Office 365 document.

The “how to use this feature” bit is found here:

Getting the document there in the first place is a little trickier – especially if you are a member of multiple Yammer networks.

In any SharePoint library press the three little dots next to a document, and select post:

However be wary – by default this will post to the last Yammer network you were using.

No document, I do not want to post this Paradyne internal document to the Microsoft Band User network.

The problem here is that you can’t switch networks from within this popup. I wouldn’t call it a design flaw. That ability would be nice but the reality is that most users are probably members of only their corporate network.

If that isn’t you and you are a member of multiple networks – make sure you switch to the desired Yammer network first, THEN post the document.

By default it will post to the All Company feed:

However this you can change by pressing the X and typing in the group you would like to post to instead:


Happy posting!

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