As the title suggests – don’t cancel a Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync) meeting appointment in Outlook while you’re actually inside the meeting.


You’ll get kicked out almost instantly.

Yep, that happened today and I’ve replicated it since. Never thought about it, but in cancelling the appointment (which was recurring) what I had effectively done was informed the Skype for Business service that the meeting service was not required. As such the virtual meeting workspace within Skype for Business was “deleted” (for want of a better term) and everybody was kicked out of the meeting with the reasoning that “a presenter has ended the meeting”.

Not something you’d think would happen given we were active inside the meeting, but good to know in future!

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  1. Gabi


    Thanks for this, I will update this to my tip list!

    Yet to persuade the business where I currently am situated, to upgrade from Lync 2010 and distribute Lync/Skype for business as the main tool for new starters…….

    Interesting to know why they would conclude the meeting though and kick everyone off, must be a bug!

    Thanks again,


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