Switching from Windows Phone to iPhone

It’s official – I’ve switched from Windows Phone back to an iPhone.

Back in 2013 I attempted to use an Apple Mac and iPhone for an entire month with the Microsoft ecosystem. I lasted only 4 days.

At the time there were very few apps for iOS and the experience infuriated me. However also back then Windows Phone had a number of differentiators being baked in functionality instead of app handoffs.

Jump forward just over 2 years and we’re in a different world. Windows Phone hasn’t moved beyond a tiny slice of the pie chart and as a result Microsoft’s own product groups are focusing on iOS and Android.

A few months ago I had some Microsoft people (both local and from Corp) trying to convince me to get an iPhone as the Microsoft app experience was better. Around then my Lumia 930 broke and I was on the fence. I ended up getting the phone repaired and decided to stick with Windows Phone – waiting for the Windows 10 Mobile experience and the promise of Universal Apps.

The problem here comes down to timing. Last week my 1 year old daughter got hold of my phone for a couple of minutes and managed to drop it in a way that the screen broke again. Again I was faced with the choice to repair or replace.

I chose to replace my phone with an iPhone 6 Plus, and here’s why:

  • The Microsoft app experience is FAR better on iOS than Windows Phone
  • There are more Microsoft apps available for iOS than Windows Phone
  • Windows 10 Mobile is still very buggy and isn’t expected to come out until October
  • Even then many apps will need to be updated/rewritten to handle to the new multi-screen system and will take months to come out

The key apps I need to use when mobile are:

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Skype for Business
  • Yammer
  • Dynamics CRM

In every one of those cases the app experience is superior on iOS. I even have screen rotation with several of them!!!

The only app experience I find Windows Phone did much better than iOS is around the Microsoft Band. On iOS there are very few 3rd party apps. Also a number of the functions are missing such as the ability to reply to a call or text message with a quick response.

Within a short period of time of getting my iPhone I had all my personal and business apps up and running. One frustrating component was that I had to enter my credentials (as well as MFA codes) for every single app.

As I am deeply embedded into the Microsoft ecosystem professionally and personally I would not have been able to make the change if my investment in services such as Office 365, Groove Music (formerly known as Xbox), OneDrive and others weren’t feature-rich on iOS.

So will I now switch to using iTunes and other Apple services? Absolutely not.

Do I still think of Windows 3.1 whenever I look at my phone? You betcha!!! (I really miss the tiles of Windows Phone!)

Am I going to stick with the iPhone going forward? Most likely not. I’m sure when Windows 10 Mobile is released and the apps have caught up (and running Android apps is commonplace) I’ll come back. For now, I’m having a better Microsoft app experience on the iPhone.


  1. Simply, can’t believe you have swapped, being so close.

    I am holding out for Windows 10, to upgrade from my Nexus 5.

    I have gone from iOS to Android, to Windows phone, back to Android and now eagerly waiting for two devices.

    1 x Lumia 950
    1 x Surface pro 4 (hoping for 16GB)

    You’re going to swap back at some point soon I bet.

    Personally, I don’t mind what OS I use, as long as it works, however I feel that Windows Phone 10 is the best OS (excluding apps), iOS then Android.

    How are you finding the plus size, versus your 930?



    1. Ideally I’d like to go back Gabi. I didn’t think I would switch.
      I simply refuse to do Android so wasn’t left with many choices.
      The Plus takes some getting used to. I guess it’s similar to getting a 1520.
      I think I’ll be back to Windows 10 Mobile when Microsoft’s own apps catch up to their iOS versions.

  2. I think when MS bridge the gap through the proposed app emulation tools they are implementing then it will be great.

    Personally, live tiles is such an amazing idea, works so well, you must be missing that.

    I wonder why my comments always break up into sections, that’s quite frustrating now that I think of it, I diverse….

    The good thing about the iPhone 6 plus is the resale value will be pretty descent.

    Hope all else is well,

    Many thanks,


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