Using emojis in your Yammer profile

UPDATE 31/10/2016: Fellow MVP Darrell Webster has posted a video that shows an easier way of performing this by using the “soft” keyboard built into Windows 10.

If you’re a Yammer user, you might notice that some people have emojis in their name or job title – usually to denote things like travelling or on holidays.

Unfortunately, there’s no real documented way on how to do it, so I thought I’d write up a quick post.

Step 1: use Chrome as it provides the best way to inspect web elements

Step 2: head over to and search for the emoji you want (in my case I have chosen the Airplane on Windows 10 Anniversary Update)

Step 3: right-click the small version of the emoji on the page and select Inspect

Step 4: look for the <span class….> text that relates to what you’ve just clicked on (it should already be highlighted)

Step 5: right-click the highlighted text, select Copy and then Copy element

Step 6: navigate to the properties of your Yammer profile (

Step 7: Paste what you’ve copied

Step 8: save your profile, and admire your work

If you want to get more descriptive you can put some more content in there around the emoji:


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