1. I would also add that proper integration with enterprise search should have been a no brainer to get users to adopt it instead of Video. This is now planned in 2019 (beginning, middle, end… dunno)

  2. and I’d like to add that, despite hundreds of upvotes, there is still no sign of playlists, so anyone wishing to organise videos in a sequence for, say, HR training etc. is going to have a really hard time. Worse still, the Stream team are basically silent on that whole issue.

  3. Thankyou for the details and such a good content after read this i know about Microsoft Stream is a fantastic video service built into Office 365 that delivers some absolutely amazing features. However, this blog post isn’t about blowing smoke up Stream’s tailpipe. Most of the times MVPs will sing the praises of various Microsoft products, and sometimes we need to speak up – warts and all. This is one of those posts.

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